Do you sell quilts online?

Do you sell quilts online?

As I turned around, it was the bamboo geezer, who used to play with me with bamboo stilts.

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「Bamboo geezer! Long time no see!」

「Heeey there, yer grew so big in the small time time y’were gone-!」

Goza village, located in the southern part of the continent, has a very strong southern accent.

「Ahahaha, that is because I’m still in my growing period.」

After that, I reminisced about the past together with him.

「Oh-ops! Rather than talking with me, quickly go to Rodore-san! She hav’ been feelin’ down er’ since yer left.」

「Understood. I’ll see you later, bamboo geezer.」

「Yeeah, come show yer face at me place later!」

「Of course!」

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Then I parted with the bamboo geezer and walked for a while on the path with the smell of livestock – and finally found my home.

「Uwaah… it’s been so long.」

The house hasn’t changed at all since I left 3 years ago. It’s exactly the same.

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I opened the old worn out door that was not locked, sideways.

「Mother, I’m home.」

As I called out, I heard a running noise from the back of the house.