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“Don’t you think so as well, Shinohara-san?”

Then she sought agreement from her own friend, Shinohara.

I think she was trying to split the others’ attention by drawing it away from my abilities and elevating Horikita as well. Even though I hadn’t given Kei a signal or instructions like I did with Yosuke, she instantly understood what she had to do and did it.

“That’s right! I feel like I’ve been seeing Horikita-san and Ayanokouji-kun talking secretly for a long time now, but it turns out that they’re really just doing it for the class!”

When she first came to school, Horikita didn’t talk to anyone but me.

This fact, in the end, turned out to be useful material.

And now, it seems like it gave us a sense of credibility.

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The brilliant way in which Yosuke and Kei covered for us surreptitiously had an outstanding effect. The group mentality of “If Yosuke and the others think it’s true, then it must be true” was also working powerfully.

“A strategy of hiding our strength…. That’s true, the other classes must also be quite shocked now.”

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Even Keisei, who had been suspicious up to now was no exception

“Although I didn’t completely understand the situation of the school, I thought keeping an insurance plan would be good. I don’t know if this is fortunate or unfortunate, but Ayanokouji-kun is bad at communicating, and it seems like he didn’t like to stand out. For those reasons as well, I also wanted him to hide it.”

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Horikita expressed that the strategy was possible because both of our plans happened to line up.

She then looked away from Keisei, and addressed the class.

“That’s the secret of how Ayanokouji-kun got a full score in math. Sorry for surprising you all.”

Horikita had but one chance at it, and she survived beautifully and prevailed. But if we let them hang around here for too long, questions might start sprouting up again.

“I think it would be better if we left it at that for now. As Horikita-san said, the walls have ears.”