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“What’s wrong, Haruka-chan?”

Airi, worried about the Haruka who stopped moving, said something to her.

At that moment, she continued, as if the magic had become undone.

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“Oh, ahh. Well, it’s nothing. Anyway, it’s going to be hard for you since you’re a celebrity now!”

“Isn’t getting full marks a bit excessive? Sakayanagi, who was 2nd in the year, got 91 points.”

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After Keisei acknowledged me, his worries shifted to something else.

“Speaking of Sakayanagi-san, she got similar scores in all her subjects, right?”

Airi tried to think back.

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She got 91 points in math, and surprisingly, she had similar scores in the other subjects. Considering the difficulty of the exams, she was a student who was undoubtedly extremely good at academics. In the entire year, she was definitely second only to me. What was more impressive was that she hadn’t studied in an extraordinary environment like the White Room. In that case, it wasn’t an exaggeration for her to call herself a genius.

“I know she was smart, but ever since the introduction of the OAA, her strength has become more apparent.”

Although there was regret in his voice, Keisei honestly acknowledged Sakayanagi’s strength.

There was no need to doubt her high scores in the past, but her strength had now reached another level.

Had she deliberately held back, or had she started to study outside of class?

No matter what, there’s no doubt she’d become more of a problem than before, and even more of an opponent we had to beat.