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“I didn’t expect this to be all a trap! After handing over the house, I realized that there was no school district at all. Many people went to look for developers to make a fuss, but they did not get any results. Thus, the prices of the houses started to fall. It fell by seven to eight hundred yuan per square meter to fetch about a thousand yuan per square meter.”

“In the past two years, the fitness industry in Jingzhou has been deteriorating. My business is deteriorating day by day. Fortunately, I have a benefactor helping me recently. The response from the new branch in the gym is not bad. Thus, I discussed with a few investors and partners and decided to invest more and open more branches.”

“There might be investors paying, but this is my business after all. I want to add more money. Otherwise, I won’t have any say left.”

“What’s more, with more money, we can open a few more shops and develop faster.”

“Coincidentally, the housing prices in this district have risen slightly because of the snack market. It’s higher than the price I bought in the beginning. I want to sell it as soon as possible and recover the funds so that I can invest the money into my gym.”

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“All in all, after this lesson, I finally understand that property speculation is not the right path! It’s best if I take the money and do my job honestly.”

Che Rong briefly introduced himself so that the other party would not suspect that there was a huge problem with the house and think that he was cheating.

As for the specific situation at the gym, he did not elaborate and only briefly explained it.

After all, the other party did not care about these things. There was no need to be too detailed.

Pei Qian listened quietly, frowning and relaxing at times.

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It turned out that the guy opposite him was not a professional house speculator. Instead, he had followed the trend. In the end, he was done in by the trend.

Speaking of which... the fitness industry in Jingzhou had been deteriorating over the past two years?

Why didn’t I feel it?

Deposit Fitness was doing very well. They were even opening branches without stopping.

Oh, Deposit Fitness was doing too well. Wouldn’t it be getting worse for other gyms? After all, the market was only so big, and Deposit Fitness had squeezed it out...

It sounded like his fault.

This big brother did not have it easy. He had already bought a house to raise funds for his own gym. The situation did not look optimistic.

Shouldn’t he lend a helping hand to a gym that was about to collapse?

Dream Realization Ventures had been investing money, but investment was investment after all?