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…Crap! When did this turn into a loving atmosphere again, I’m such an idiot!

“D-Damn you, little devil! You’re trying to waver my loyalty towards Tendou-san again!”

I quickly distanced myself away from her. Chiaki’s about to cry out.

“No, no, no! I’m treated like a demon a few seconds after my confession, what kind of hell is this! Y-You can at least view me as an important friend, right. Keita!”

“W-Well, it’s not like I want to hurt you…But think about it, in my stance, I basically have to eliminate all beings that are hostile to Tendou-san…”

“There’s a limit for blind loyalty! I-It’s not like you’ll be struck by lightning even if you care about a friend like me a bit more…”

“Y-You’re doing it again! Look, you’re trying to bewitch me like that…!”

Just like that, Chiaki and I started yelling at each other. Then, the couples around made a loud “ahem” cough as they cleared their throats.

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Both of us seem to have forgotten that this place is supposed to be a quiet and romantic dating hotspot.

Chiaki and I immediately lowered our heads and apologized. “I’m sorry.” Then, we fled the plaza as if we’re escaping from something.

We’re now at the stairs that go from the platform of Starry Plaza to the rest area.

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After a short walk, we’re already in the middle of the mountain that’s so quiet that we can’t sense any human around.

In the dark and flourishing forest, only the stairs that leads to the foot of the hill is lighted. There’s no one hiking aside from us. We can only hear the calls of the crickets and the noise coming from the wind blowing the dead leaves.


This silence seeming voided the chaos earlier.

The two of us realized this, so we stopped at the same time. Then…