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“Uwah… Amazing.”

I couldn’t help praising it as I fiddled with the control pad connected to my computer.

The game on the screen… Wasn’t the latest cutting edge AAA grade games.

By using existing art work and traditional RPG structure, the game was presented in nostalgic bitmap art, that reminds me of indie games made during the Super Famicon era.

Which was known as free games.

They are games created by hobbyist and distributed free of charge online. I was playing an adventure game made by the most popular RPG maker software.

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Although the graphics were constructed using the RPG software, the game didn’t have any battles or character growth elements. It was a pure exploration, puzzle solving and storytelling game from start to finish. Commonly seen amongst free games. That was the reason the quality varies greatly, but if you ask me about the quality of the game I was playing──

“Eh… I need to use this here?”

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I controlled the main character, little girl, and chose the ‘key of death’ I just got from the item selection box to enter the new room, ‘room of poison’── And what appeared before me was a wall full of faces, all of them squirming about as they groaned in an unknown language.

“... Woah, the creator is sick in the head as usual…”

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I gulped. By the way, ‘sick in the head’ is my way of complimenting him.

Actually, this game… Or rather, this creator always made games that were hard to understand. After playing midway, the storyline was normal, there were no obvious programming errors or typos, and the game was made really carefully… Unfortunately, there were too many ‘super developments’.

The super development wasn’t natural too, it was so bizarre that the player would feel they were playing another game midway. I thought the creator would explain in detail later, but he just tossed all the earlier storyline away, which makes me wonder what the point of all that was.

It was impossible for such a game to be popular; since,the games made by this creator were too niche. However, the second game he made was much more docile, without any strange super developement, and the ending was unexpectedly normal. That’s why it made it into the popularity rankings of free games in no time. I only learned about this creator through that game...

Aside from the second game, without exception, his other works were… putting it nicely, unique; putting it not so nicely──

“I don’t get what the content is saying.”