How to look at the online typing and make money

How to look at the online typing and make money

(…No, in the first place『talent』 is different for me compared to everyone else. They entered Thousand Blade Academy with their abilities, instead of a recommendation – they are elites among the elites. I have no time to be jealous… Ordinary people like me, simply have to work hard non-stop…!)

Then, I shook off the miscellaneous thoughts, and assumed a stance with the spirit sword in hand, and concentrated my mind.

Inhale deeply and exhale slowly.

I went deep into my consciousness – sinking towards my soul.

And then I opened my eyes – withered wilderness spread before me.

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Withered tree.

Withered soil.

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Withered air.

(How many times have I come to this desolate world…?)

Then I called out to that guy, who was lying on a huge rock.

「Yo… it’s been a month.」

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「Oo…! Despite the previous experiences… you’ve come again… E”e?」

I threw one question at that guy, who had a heinous smile.

「Hey… If I defeat you, I can attain soul dress, right?」

「Oo, that’s right. Well, even if you had 10 billion years, it would be impossible for a green ass shitty brat like you… A”a.」1

「I see, I’m relieved to hear that.」

There is a『way』.

The possibility is not zero.