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On the one hand, it was out of courtesy. On the other hand, it would be more convenient for him to contact the person-in-charge of all the live-stream platforms with Zhao Xuming.

Zhao Xuming raised his voice. “Really?”

There was a hint of disbelief in his surprise.

What was Boss Pei thinking? Why would he choose to sell the broadcasting rights of the ICL league at this juncture?

The ICL league was becoming more and more popular!

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In fact, it was definitely better for Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation to distribute the broadcast rights. The distribution of the broadcast rights had nothing to do with them in terms of profits but the popularity was different after all.

Many platforms would live-stream the ICL league. There would definitely be more viewers, more popularity, and more publicity. There was no doubt about that.

In other words, this matter was definitely beneficial to Zhao Xuming and Finger Games.

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On the other hand, distributing the rights meant that it would no longer have monopoly broadcasting rights for Bunny Tail Live-Stream. It also gave up the opportunity to attract more traffic to Bunny Tail Live-Stream and bring more popularity while earning money. It looked short-sighted and did not seem like Boss Pei’s doing.

If Chen Yufeng had not mentioned this, Zhao Xuming would definitely not have mentioned it himself. He would not have asked for a rebuff.

However, he could not ask for more since it was Boss Pei’s idea and Chen Yufeng had taken the initiative to mention it!

Zhao Xuming said, “How about this, Boss Chen? I’ll make an appointment with the person-in-charge of a few live-stream platforms. We’ll have a meal in Shanghai tomorrow and talk about it in detail. How about that?”

Chen Yufeng knew that such a huge matter could not be decided online directly. They had to meet, so he agreed readily.

What’s more, Chen Yufeng could also take this opportunity to hint to the heads of the various live-stream platforms to let them think about how to express their ‘friendship’ and ‘sincerity’.

March 13th, Tuesday...