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Li Yada could not help but feel a little sentimental. So that was how Lu Mingliang felt.

He was merely relying on Boss Pei for the victory!

Boss Pei was extremely gifted and had everything well in hand. Every simple change that he made would be finishing touches on the game. The employees were extremely blessed to have him around.

It was almost ascertained that the game would achieve success. Li Yada was very delighted about that.

“I need to keep up the good work. I can start planning the updates for the new versions now!” Li Yada pushed her thick-framed glasses upwards and buried herself into her work once again.

In the office, Pei Qian was feeling very worried and restless.

“What are the fake reviewers doing?!

“There are no effects at all. If this continues, public opinion would become completely one-sided!”

After Pei Qian arranged for the fake reviewers yesterday, he had been paying attention to the discussions on the forums and Weibo. A day had almost passed, and yet nothing had happened-other than the few posts that mindlessly criticized the game!

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Those mindless criticisms did not stir up the emotions of the netizens. No one bothered about them, and those posts were quickly buried under other newer posts. Moreover, the memes about Pudu were going viral. Even those not playing the game were using those memes!

That was especially so for the emoji packs such as the ‘I shall ‘Pudu’ you’ emojis. They were very popular in Weibo, gamer chat groups, and forums. The players loved those memes.

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Once the memes become popular, many people would ask what game the memes originated from. Then, more people would be willing to try out the game! The most frustrating thing was that many players with bad intentions were convincing others to play the game. “This game is called ‘Repent and be Saved’. It is a very satisfying hack-and-slash game and is a great way to relieve stress. It is very suitable for night owls. You must try out the game!”

There were many similar comments.

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Pei Qian only had one sentence for such people—you guys are inhumane!

Many people were surprisingly doing that even though their actions harmed other players and Boss Pei, and they did not benefit from it at all. Moral degeneration in the world was getting worse day by day, and people had changed!

However, the only thing that Pei Qian could do was to wait in distress. He had no other solutions.

Pei Qian could understand the plight of the fake reviewers. After all, things were at that predicament; it was hard for the fake reviewers to find a critical reason to hate on the game.

After all, Pei Qian himself could not think of a good reason to use as well, not to say those fake reviewers who did not have a deep understanding of the game.