td sending money overseas

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“Zhang Yuan gave some suggestions that I think are worth considering. Look…” Ma Yang took out a little book, wanting to explain Zhang Yuan’s suggestions to Pei Qian. The only strategies were lowering the prices and organizing promotional activities.

Pei Qian rejoiced in his heart. At once, he raised his hand, gesturing for Ma Yang to stop talking. They were losing three hundred thousand yuan each month? Great! Indeed, brothers were the most reliable!

Ma Yang looked at Pei Qian, confused.

Pei Qian tried hard to suppress his smile and said in a stern tone, “I already told you, I don’t care about these things. This shows that our internet cafe is on the right path!”

Ma Yang was stumped. “Huh? We’re losing three hundred thousand yuan each month! How can this be the right path?”

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Pei Qian nodded. “That’s right. Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s existence has to be publicized in this classy and elegant way! Think about it. Although Fish-Catching Internet Cafe does not have many customers, have the customers all been very satisfied with the cafe so far?”

Ma Yang pondered for a few seconds and said, “I think… they are quite satisfied.”

That’s nonsense. Anyone who had a strong opinion on the price would walk away the moment they saw the sign at the door. They would not have become customers of the internet cafe in the first place. People who saw the prices on the sign and still walked in were all rich people who could afford the expenses.

Of course, these people would be satisfied with the internet cafe. There weren’t many people inside! They could pick their favorite high-end computer out of fifty; they could pick their favorite seat in the coffee area. Many times, there were more waiters than there were customers. There was almost exclusive, one-on-one service…

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How could they not be satisfied?!

Pei Qian nodded, saying, “So it’s alright to incur losses temporarily. We are paying money for people to spread the word about us! When people come because of word-of-mouth, do you think we would still have a shortage of customers?”

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“If we reduce the price now, we would not be attracting the right crowd. How would we raise the price in the future, then? That’s why we have to allow things to remain as they are. We have to be patient and bear with it!”

Seeing Pei Qian’s determined expression, Ma Yang scratched his head.

It sounded… logical.