Which of the online writing novels

Which of the online writing novels

The TV station reported it once when the Thriller Hostel was first launched. However, it did not cause much of a stir by then. The publicity of the Thriller Hostel was overwhelming so the TV’s report was not very eye-catching.

However, Pei Qian did not dare accept the interview. He knew very well that it was a bad thing as long as he accepted the interview!

Just like the previous time for Fish-Catching Take-Out. Pei Qian only showed his back, and yet he was picked out by the netizens. Then, it became ‘Tengda’s boss personally brought the goods’. If he were to be interviewed, it would set the Thriller Hostel on the road to instant popularity. It was totally possible!

Pei Qian did not want to show his face either.

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As for a text press release... not to mention, he now had a psychological shadow.

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Therefore, Pei Qian’s attitude was very firm in saying that he was busy.

What could you do to me if I refuse to accept the interview? Would you hold me at knifepoint?


Zhang Lixian, the journalist from Finance Channel, hung up with a dazed expression.

Boss Pei actually rejected me!

Was there a need to reject a TV interview? Especially a positive interview that could improve his corporate image?

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Did he refuse intentionally?