Online lottery registration can make money true and false

Online lottery registration can make money true and false

Hmm, what’s wrong with Tre’ainar? Why are you looking at me with pitiful eyes there?

“Oh yeah? Girlfriend? Oh, hey, we look like that! Even though he’s a pervert, he’s a good judge of character! Yes, and eventually… Hehe, I’m Chiyo! ‘Chiyo Lowing’. I’ll be the wife of the strongest man in the country, so remember that!”

However, being so happy about my remark, the girl was suddenly smiling and huffing.

But even if you introduce yourself, I’m not going to remember it.

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“Oh, no! This girl is delusional! Rather, I will be the wife of the coolest man in this country! Menk. ‘Menk Ishregal’, remember it!”

So, even though I didn’t ask the vulgar woman as she went all huffy, she introduced herself…

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“Eh? I, is this an introduction tide? Fuh, hun? I am the wife of the most righteous man in the land… My name is Soud! ‘Soud Cranam’! Remember, you rascal! Next time you do anything else, I will cut you down with this sword of justice!”

And, even the weird girl with the head for swinging a sword around gave her name.

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“Haha… Me too…… I shouldn’t miss out… right…… I hope to be married to the best honor student in this country… Glass… ‘Glass Waller’.”

“Oh, geez, guys, is that cheating?” Me! Yeah! Wow, I’m… the wife of the most faithful person in this country… Soak… it’s ‘Soak Naon’.”

I didn’t particularly want to hear anything about glasses and even the awful girl introduced herself…But…I can remember it!

“Heh, everyone already has an ideal image of the person they want to marry… I didn’t know.”

“”””Come on, really what the hell.””””

Okay…I’ve gotten used to this farce.