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“It’s okay. I feel like it’s just like what you said. Amanocchi shouldn’t take part in the following. It’s time for me…to rely on Tasuku.”

“…I think this is better, whether it’s for you or for me.”

“Yeah, you’re right. This is better, whether it’s for Amanocchi or me.”

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We smiled at each other once again. After that, I’m finally leaving-

“Hey, hey, hey, there should be a penalty when you disconnect without a greeting, right? Amako, Gurisuke?”

-At that moment, Main-san, who stood behind Aguri-san without us knowing, warned us with the sternest voice she produced. …Also, what she said makes sense.


Just as we’re profusely sweating as we fell speechless, Mii walked out of the room slowly. …Then, as if she’s defending us, the little girl spoke up gently.

“Ah, i-it’s because Keita-nii-chan’s right to say goodbye to Mii was already robbed away by Mom, …right?”

That way of smoothing things over is so smart that I doubted a child could pull it off. It shocked me. …As for Main-san, she grinned cheerfully for some reason and patted Mii’s head roughly.

“Ahaha, really? I see! That can’t be helped, then! Sigh, what perfect logic! You got me! Alright, I lose. I lose!”

Main-san’s in a good mood. …Even though I don’t know what’s going on, it looks like I can go home without being yelled at.

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I showed a pathetic and polite smile. “W-Well-“ I raised my head.