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On a side note, the weather was great.

Thanks to the warm sunshine, I was in a good mood overall.

You can call it a “perfect training day”.

「All right! Let’s depart!」

Then we boarded our gliders and took off to the uninhabited island where Bacchus-san was waiting.

It took about 10 minutes to reach the uninhabited island.

(Oh, he’s right there.)

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We found Bacchus-san from the sky and slowly lowered our altitude and landed right next to him.

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「Nn? Oh, you’re here, kid!」

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When he noticed us, he stopped fishing, which is his hobby and side-profit, and stood up.

「We look forward to the training today.」I said.

「This time it will be fairly high-intensity training. So how are you feeling? Did you sleep well yesterday?」

We nodded deeply in response to Bacchus-san’s question.

「I see, it looks like you’re all well prepared… Okay. I will now teach you on the Secret Technique – Mirrored Sakura Slash! First, as usual, I will demonstrate the technique and you guys will copy–」

For some reason, Bacchus-san cut his words midway, and returned his sword back into its scabbard.


All of us were confused.

「That machine… Is that one of your friends?」

Bacchus-san asked, looking up at the sky.