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Jiang Fan usually worked very slowly and could only spare one hour a day to make games with the official game editor.

In this way, he spent two full years on his own making an Interactive Fiction based on a Defense Lawyer, and it turned out to be quite well-received after it went live.

The sales volume was not very high; after all, indie games did not cost too much. It sold nearly 200,000 copies for five yuan each. After taking into account various preferential policies of the official platform for indie games, he made about 600,000 yuan.

Therefore, Jiang Fan made a very important decision in his life. He gave up his job as a lawyer and decided to set up Cherry Workspace to make independent games full-time.

The other three employees were also found by Jiang Fan through his own player group. They went through simple interviews. These three also voluntarily gave up their previous jobs and came to Cherry Workspace to receive wages that could only guarantee basic living standards.

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It was not that Jiang Fan was stingy. The key was that there was only 600,000 yuan in total, and he had to pay for the rent of the office space and the purchase of art resources. There is really no way to pay more salary.

The game they were developing now was called ‘Survival Guide for Working Adults’. It was much bigger than the game that Jiang Fan developed before, but it was precisely because the size exceeded Jiang Fan’s ability to control that Cherry Workspace had not enough money to sustain.

In a little more than a month, he might not be able to pay wages, and the game had yet to reach the level to be launched.

“How much of the game have you completed so far? Can I try it out?” Qiu Hong asked.

Jiang Fan hesitated for a moment but then nodded in the end. “Of course, you can.”

After that, he opened the half-complete ‘Survival Guide for Working Adults’ game on his laptop and handed it to Qiu Hong for testing.

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Jiang Fan was still slightly conflicted.