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Is it true that the online mobile phone makes money?

Aguri-san and I let out a sigh, without bothering to check what’s going on.

-I feel like this misunderstanding is already too cliché. It’s not even worth to react anymore.

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“Amano-senpai, you’re at the ‘people secretly approaching you from behind’ month.”

It’s been 30 minutes after that dumb encounter.

After we paid and left the family restaurant, Konoha-san, who’s waiting outside first, smiled naughtily and started bugging me.

I put the receipt and changes in my wallet as I glanced at her and answered.

“What’s with the name of the month you talked about? I can feel a subtle sense of universal horror.”

“It’s just like the name. All kinds of threats will approach you from behind in that month. For example, the ex-girlfriend that appeared when you’re forcing your beautiful junior to have sex with you. Also, the ex-girlfriend that showed up when you’re confessing to your friend’s girlfriend.”

“That’s literally specifying one person.”

“Nope. If senpai thinks that only your ex-girlfriend will show up during the month, you’re wrong. The nasty stuff from Cthulhu Mythos will tag along as well.”

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“I’m not looking forward to that, and please tell the nasty stuff to go home. Also, don’t compare Tendou-san in my mind with the things in Cthulhu Mythos.”

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“However, right now, Tendou-senpai is a high-level being that can chip away senpai’s sanity value.”

“Ugh…! I-I can’t disagree with you…!”

Indeed, perhaps the mental damage I took from Tendou-san staring at me coldly when we were at the suspected cheating scene is worse than I think. It’s far more hurting than even the abstract nightmare you got when a mysterious god invaded your dream.

Just as Konoha-san and I are chatting, Tendou-san finished paying and caught up with us.

“Hey, what are you two talking about? Ah, don’t tell me it’s something erotic again…”