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“And… hopefully――”

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Even though I said “I have already cut off the past”, I really just go with what’s convenient.

Also, would Tre’ainar ever even talk to me again?

『I do not mind. On occasion.』

At that time, Tre’ainar’s voice felt very gentle.

――― Part 4 Complete ―――

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Author’s Note

There will be various opinions. Some may have hoped for a grand rejection. I will accept it already.

Please say it to your heart’s content.

And, because part 4 ended up being too long, and maybe some comedy will come in after this, the mood may change, so I will break this part here once.

They haven’t even set out on a journey yet, and what about Jamdi’el and Kron? I think there will be opinions on that, but I will break it off here. Excuse me.

I am overcome with emotion.

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Long were the seconds it took to get to this point, and I tremble at the thought of the oncoming rewards.

Of course, there is still much needed for my plan, and this is merely its middle stage.