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"Ultimately, I don't mind even if your cooperation only lasts until my graduation. If by then, the minds of the enrolled students have not changed, then it just means that's it for this school, that's how it is".

"The problem might come before that, you know? What if I cannot stand up to Nagumo?".

"I wouldn't charge someone I believe to be incapable of doing so with something so important".

Does it mean the older Horikita has appraised me as someone capable of stopping Nagumo? Or is he just praising me since even those of low ability can outdo themselves when flattered? Either way, I can't see through this person.

"I'll try thinking up a strategy but I cannot guarantee that I'll be able to produce results before your graduation".

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"I understand that".

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Why is this man relying this much on an unknown existence like me? If he wishes to preserve the traditions of Koudou Ikusei Senior High School, then he should have entrusted this to a more passionate individual.

Even as a former student council president who hold pride in his school, this is far too abnormal. In the first place, even after becoming aware of an abnormality like Nagumo, the older Horikita only watched. He did say that it was after I had made myself known but even that makes me slightly uneasy.

"I'm not expecting you to move exactly as I had hoped just from a single debt alone. From the start, you too should have accepted the anti-Nagumo matter with that intention. Am I wrong?".

It seems the older Horikita also properly understands that fact.

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"Even though you're the former student council president, you still have a certain degree of authority.....no, influence after all. I had assessed that you would be useful if I had turned you into an ally. Isn't that natural?".

The older Horikita won't abandon his impartial standing and favor me directly. However, there are many cases where cooperation has been acquired through reliance on every important point as long as there is a connection behind the scenes. As long as I'm enrolled in this school, at the very least I'll be facing a variety of risks. At such a time, having built common interests and partner relationships can be useful.