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“...... What? Mamu?”

「Ah! Honestly, she has a lot of other work to do, but it was an emergency, so I gave her priority. Your house maid is with her as a support.」

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“Just Sadiz!?”

「I just thought I’d share this information. To be honest, you also have a lot of work to do.... Right now, I’ll prioritize your son. Therefore, if you find the princess, have her under your protection as soon as possible.」

Mamu? Sadiz, too?

I told you to wait at home... did you take it upon yourself to search for the princess, not Earth.

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What’s the meaning of this?

But, this allows Mamu to drop a ton of work and leave the Imperial City.

Huh? Huh? No way... did Mamu and the princess...

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「Well, next is a worse matter.」

“Oh, huh.”

While I was suspecting Mamu’s ‘scheme’, the Army Commander’s tone got heavier when it came to the main subject.

「It’s about the match... It seems that the demons were also monitoring. Well, we held such festivities, so we didn’t force much regulation, but...... Immediately, I received an inquiry from the Demon Realm, from that ‘Supreme Ruler La’iphant’.」 [1]

“From Lye?”