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Otherwise, despite being a girl, she wouldn’t have gone through all the trouble of taking on the special exam alone.

In any case, I decided to put the matter with Ibuki aside and focus on the briefing, turning my attention to what was happening at the front of the theater.

“Now then, everyone, I’ll be explaining the rules for the uninhabited island special exam.”

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Just like last year, the one in charge of the explanation was Class 2-A’s homeroom teacher, Mashima-sensei.

He stood in front of the screen and began to speak with microphone in hand.

“Starting tomorrow, your stay on the island will last for the next two weeks. The fundamental idea of the exam is the same as it was last year, in that you’ll be expected to live autonomously during your time on the island. In the event that a student is found to be unable to continue due to an injury or illness, or to have taken part in a serious violation of the rules, they will be unilaterally and forcibly retired from the exam. I’m sure the fact that you were supposed to form small groups of up to three people is still fresh in your mind. However, once the exam is underway and a certain condition is met, the size restriction will be lifted and small groups will be allowed to work together, raising the maximum group size to six. Furthermore, in the event that all members of a given group should retire, the students will be disqualified and their rankings will be finalized accordingly.”

The students of the five lowest-ranked groups in the school would find themselves subject to expulsion. However, the expulsion could be nullified by paying a fixed number of private points. A one-person group would need to pay six million points, while a three-person group would only need to pay two million per person. Essentially, the more people a group had, the less each member would have to pay. That said, only those who could afford to pay their dues would be saved. Since the students with deep pockets were inevitably few in number, this system wasn’t all that relevant to the majority of students.

Additionally, for the bottom three groups, a large number of class points would be deducted from the classes of each group member. So not only would the students at fault be expelled, but they’d leave behind a great burden for their remaining classmates as well.

At this point, the dire necessity of avoiding the bottom five ranks had probably already taken precedence over anything else for every group.

“While I know you’re all excited to spend the next two weeks on the island, there are still a few crucial things you’ll need to know first.”

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Indeed. We still hadn’t been told how our ‘rankings’ would be determined so far.

“Each group will be fighting to earn ‘points’ to determine their rank.”