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I still clenched my fist on the table and looked at them. Then, I told the loners the truth with a determined look.

“Uh, …it’s actually just the five of us eating and playing games together!”


After I revealed the truth without any hesitation, Tendou and Aguri observed the situation worriedly.

As for Amano and Hoshinomori-

-I didn’t expect them to be just as excited, and their eyes are sparkling.

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“That’s great! (Awesome!)”


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In comparison to our relief, those two are still filled with excitement.

“Ahhh, Keita, …I can’t believe I get to eat and play with my friends at Christmas. …I-If I’m a ghost, I should’ve ascended to the heavens right now.”

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“That’s my line, Chiaki. I didn’t expect something this blessing to happen in my life. Ahhh, what a great time to be alive. …Alright! Chiaki, we have to enjoy ourselves on that day to the max!”

“Yes, yes!”

The two loners are still smiling cheerfully. When we’re looking, the only thing that’s throbbing in our hearts…is pure happiness.

(Indeed, it’s great to see these two…living happily.)

Although I’ve never viewed myself as a “nice guy,” …for some reason, I honestly think that ‘It’s okay as long as these two are happy.” Due to that, I really hope that they can date, no matter what. …Even so, it’s true that I see Tendou as a ‘partner’ now. This is the part where I have mixed feelings. In reality, even when I’m looking at Tendou now, I will realize…

(…This girl, …after watching those two “instantly matching” and “blessed” with each other, she can still smile sincerely as a friend, without any jealousy. She’s really something else.)

To be honest, recently, I’m seriously starting to respect Karen Tendou as a girl. I already announced that I’m going to root for Hoshinomori. It’s really selfish, …even I’m fed up with how “smooth and slick” I can be. …Sigh, whatever.