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September 5th, Wednesday…

Yu Fei sat at his desk and had just planned the changes that needed to be coordinated with Meng Chang’s publicity plan. He had also handed it to the designers.

Strictly speaking, Meng Chang’s request was not difficult. It was just a little troublesome and needed some time. What’s more, it was a little strange.

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Yu Fei did not ask much. He only divided the entire downloadable content into four parts and handed it to his designers.

After arranging his work, Yu Fei received a message from Hu Xianbin.

“I’ll arrive in Jingzhou around 3 PM this afternoon. I’ll make a trip to the office to hand over my work. Sorry to trouble you during this period!”

Yu Fei could not help but feel energized when he saw the message.

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Great! Hu Xianbin is finally back from his holiday!

It was a pity that if he had returned two or three days earlier, the work given by Meng Chang would have been handed over to Hu Xianbin directly. There would have been no need to worry about it.

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The timing was not very coincidental.

However, he just had to go through the motions. This bit of work was not a big problem.

He had completed the last task before handover. It was also a perfect end to his ‘cross-border experience’!

Yu Fei leaned back in his chair and stretched. He did not have much work on hand now. It could be said that he was relaxed and was just waiting for the handover.

Based on his calculations, Hu Xianbin and the others had been gone for about a month, roughly 27 or 28 days.

There were no particularly strict requirements for the specific days of travel. It did not mean that they had to play outside for the entire 30 days or about four weeks.

Obviously, Hu Xianbin and Huang Sibo felt that the limelight was over and could return to continue working. They were eager to go home.

Yu Fei also hoped that Hu Xianbin would come back early. He could continue to be an online author after the handover.

He had been thinking about his new book for a long time. He had already thought about the world, the basic settings, and the outline many times. Now, he was very eager to start writing and let the new book meet the readers.

Yu Fei made the decision to release an announcement after his designers confirmed that there were no problems.