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Akito spoke up in agreement as well.

“Just because there hasn’t been a single expulsion… it’s like the school’s deliberately trying to get at us, isn’t it?”

Throughout the morning, everyone had been restlessly passing the time in one way or another, unable to calm down.

It was only natural, given that many students were dissatisfied with the unreasonable additional exam the school had announced. It was possible that the other cliques of students were talking about it as well.

“I wonder if there’s really no secret trick to the exam. Yukimuu, you’re a smart cookie. Surely you’ve thought of something?”

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“No… I don’t think so? Horikita’s initial proposal of fixing the vote by spreading the votes out equally is the only strategy I can think of. But, based on what Chabashira-sensei told us, it’s probably impossible. Although the additional exam is a little selfish, we can’t just ignore the rules set by the school.”

It was no surprise that Keisei couldn’t come up with a solution.

No matter how you look at it, the way out of this exam had been sealed off.

“I also figured the school didn’t want there to be any dropouts. At least, that’s what I used to think, but now it looks like that isn’t the case.”

“…You’re saying that the school really wants to see people get expelled…”

Having still held onto a glimmer of hope, Haruka’s expression turned grim.

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“That’s why it’d be better not to be optimistic this time. There’ll probably be a harsh outcome waiting for us.”

A harsh outcome. In other words, an expulsion from our class.

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It was the inevitable future that was waiting for us.

“…It’s possible that one of us will disappear this weekend.”

Not having said a word for quite some time, Airi shook her head anxiously.

Her demeanor made it seem like she was unwilling to imagine such a future.

“Keisei. Instead of silently waiting for the exam, there must be something we can do, right?”

Akito asked, hoping to hear something to dispel his anxiety.