Do you sell jeans online?

Do you sell jeans online?

This thought kept appearing in my mind, no matter what. Although I feel terrible for my groupmates, I can’t help but think it that way.

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People often say that it’s easy to be lovesick. Indeed, this kind of emotion that permeates my body and my mind that’s harmful to daily lives is a kind of sickness. There’s only one way to suppress the symptoms: seeing Tasuku directly and absorb his everything.

…Ah, no, aside from that, there’s one way for me to vent this out right now.

I quickly clicked on my smartphone at the side of the washstand and messaged my comrade in arms.

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<Me: Amanocchi, did you shave your nose hair today?>

So, he seems to be awake as well and immediately responded.

<Keita Amano: Why are you saying that like my nose hair always sticks out? Please don’t do that.>

<Me: Ah, sorry. …You do mind it, …right?>

<Keita Amano: Eh, really? Is my nose hair out when I first met you in spring?>

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<Me: It’s okay. It’s only 2 meters long.>

<Keita Amano: It’s literally on the floor, right! That’s a narrative trick in novels. What kind of shocking reveal is this! I didn’t know that I’ve always lived with my nose hair in high school!>

<Me: Uh, Amanocchi, I’m still tidying up. It’s time for us to stop talking about nose hair, right?>

<Keita Amano: Like I’m the one that started this! Bye!>

Amanocchi sent a sticker with an angry face and left.

I can’t help but chuckle after seeing that, and then I looked at the mirror again.

“Alright, …I’ll be giving my everything today!”

Perhaps I’m way too excited to see Tasuku. Right now, I can see that I’m full of energy in the mirror.

“Hey, Amanocchi. I’m here.”