Is it true that the money-mentioned money is true?

Is it true that the money-mentioned money is true?

Only the noise of me gulping can be heard in the eerily silent classroom.

After that, Uehara-kun stood in front of me. He lowered his head…as he slowly put his hands on my shoulders.


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Facing the expectation that I’m finally getting punched, even though I tried to keep my eyes bulged, my body froze right there.

Then, finally, everyone and Uehara-kun slowly raised their head-

-Their strong emotions erupted towards me, who’s deeply sinful!

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“-Beautiful! That’s our Keita Amano!”

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“Yes, I’m really sor- …Eh?”

I tried to apologize reflectively. However, I heard something that was out of my expectation. So, I looked at Uehara-kun again confusingly. After that-


-Instead of my friends’ angry eyes, -I saw pairs of sparkling eyes that look like they’re watching a hero’s show.

“Eh? Eh? Eh?”

I have no idea what’s happening at all. All I can do is feel dazed. Also, I looked around, and it’s not just Uehara-kun. Even Tendou-san and Chiaki are giving me the same look.

“Hmm, hmm! Yes, this is Amano-kun! You’re amazing!”

“Yes, yes! Seriously, I’ve been waiting a long time for this! Hi, Amano-ya!”