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“Four people in a row with separate experiences. That way, every tourist would not be able to see the people around them. It would be better to immerse in the experience.”

“While their sense of immersion if they were to stand might be stronger, but there could be some safety issues, so we’ll choose to let them sit. Moreover, the feeling of flying can be more realistic with both feet in the air.”

“In order to improve the players’ sense of immersion, there will be a technological display at the front of the seat. The UI can introduce the tactical targets at the current landscape.”

“Provide tourists with the Skylark Warrior’s magnetic rail rifle, which is fixed to both hands and the seat to prevent it from falling during the tour. The body of the rifle will simulate recoil and vibration. The muzzle of the rifle will be like a prop gun in the movies and shows that it has a fire-breathing device. When shooting, the sensor in the landscape will sense the direction of the tourists’ shooting and cause damage to the Zergs on the projection screen.”

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Hao Qiong interrupted Chen Kangtuo. “There might be a slight delay in this, right? Also, should we add a crosshair? What if the tourists can’t shoot accurately?”

Chen Kangtuo shook his head. “There’s no need. In such a tense and exciting environment, most people would raise their guns and shoot wildly. The tourists would not be able to sense if they were accurate or not. It would be enough to make the scene more lively as long as the vibration of the gun is strong enough, the flames from the muzzle are big enough, the range of the sensor is a little blurry, and the hit rate of the tourists is higher.”

“Tourists can have different choices in different scenic spots. For example, they can focus on attacking the Zergs on one side. Then, the following route would move towards this side.”

“Of course, Captain Qin Yi will lead the tourists to attack on the big screen, and he will also fire at the Zergs. Tourists can still experience the entire process and have a good sense of immersion even if they were paralyzed in their seats the entire time and did nothing. However, in that case, the final outcome would be to escape the Zergs’ nest under Captain Qin Yi’s lead and fail to complete the mission to kill the Zerg Queen.”

“The tourists will only be able to defeat the Zerg Queen only if they worked together to enter the nest and fight.”

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“The four tourists in each row will form a team. Only four tourists can experience each scenic spot at the same time. We have to plan the process and route.”

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The two of them discussed and recorded at the same time. The prototype of the project was formed in no time.

In fact, similar entertainment projects had already been established overseas earlier on and they were very popular. However, most of these projects were related to popular IP overseas.

The project for Operation Skylark on the other hand, was Tengda’s own IP. It also provided tourists with many routes and strong interaction. It could be said to be very unique and was very rare in domestic amusement parks.

Chen Kangtuo was very satisfied. “Alright, we have a rough plan then. Let’s go to the contractor to confirm the plan and price!”

The biggest theme park contractor in the world was a domestic company. It had always been famous for its short working period and high safety. A theme park overseas that could only be built in four years had been successfully reduced to a year and three months by this company. They had also won many awards.

Domestic companies were second to none in terms of infrastructure.

Thriller Hostel would be investing a hundred million yuan to build a large-scale indoor roller coaster project if even an entire theme park could be completed within a year and three months. Completing it in a year should not be a big problem.