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What’s more, it was the kind that Pei Qian would not be able to shake off!

It was like riding a tiger-Boss Pei just could not get off. If he maintained the status quo, the game would continue to earn a stable income for a long time. The game’s lifespan might shorten if he added more purchase options to ruin its reputation. However, in the short-term, ballers would vengefully buy as much as they could. The consequences would be dire.

Pei Qian was speechless; he had no idea what to say. As he watched the people around him stuff their faces, Pei Qian’s heart began to hurt.

You wastrels! Stop eating!

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Spit everything back out! I was still thinking about rewarding you earlier, and this is how you’re repaying me?!

Pei Qian finally knew why everyone looked so relaxed, natural, and stress-free.

It was because the game was generating profit! It was doing well in terms of both reputation and income. Why would they be stressed?

Pei Qian quietly handed the cell phone back to Lin Wan. As he looked at her, his expression was complex.

It’s finished.

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This woman will not go back to inherit her family business.

Pei Qian could only imagine how much more confident Lin Wan felt now that the mobile version of Bloody Battle Song had achieved such success.

Lin Wan realized that Boss Pei was looking at her with a complicated expression, and she could not help but smile subtly.

Boss Pei looks so pleased. Is he feeling happy for me?

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Indeed, I have worked on many projects in Sun Strike Studios and Tengda. Finally, I’ve grown into an outstanding designer, who can take charge of a project and resolve problems on her own!

Pei Qian remained silent for two more seconds, still not knowing what to say. He could only down the glass of red wine in his hand. He had only one thought now: to get plastered!

When he saw this, Ye Zhizhou thought that Boss Pei was drinking to celebrate. He quickly tipped his head back and downed his glass as well.

“Boss Pei, cheers!”