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It is true if you use lottery formulas online.

「Tch, don’t shout, it’s annoying… I have a bad headache because of a hangover…」

He was suffering from a headache due to downing the sake he had collected just yesterday.

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「Haa, it’s too much trouble to collect tax from each and every village… And above all, I’m sick of this soggy country dominated by that『Rain Man』… Haa, I’m just going to kill you all.」

When Zam uttered so, more than fifty swordsmen – who had been standing behind him – unsheathed their swords all at once.


The young men, who had followed the village chief to this place, took a wooden whistle out of their pockets and blew it, alerting the villagers of danger.

「Like. I. Said… I have a bloody headache!」Zam said, and quickly swung his sword twice.

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「Ga, ha…」

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The two were cut down as they blew the loud whistle.

This is how the tragedy of Lao village began.

When the sound of danger sounded through the whole village.

At the Garish house at the southern end of Lao village, Maria Garish, and Millie Garish, who had just celebrated her fifth birthday, turned pale.

「The sound of this whistle!?」


Maria hugged her daughter, who was looking up at her with a fearful expression.

「I-It’s okay, Millie! Mama is with you! No matter what happens, I will definitely protect you!」