Apply online app can withdraw WeChat

Apply online app can withdraw WeChat

This should be a classic example of high investment and low output, right?

Wasn’t that his favorite?

Pei Qian immediately replied, “Just tell me how much your preliminary idea will need.”

Qiu Hong hesitated when he heard how straightforward Boss Pei was. “Er... Boss Pei, this is what I think.”

“Set up an incubation base similar to the concept of ‘Shared Office Space’ in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Of course, we can also open one in Jingzhou.”

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“We will recruit administrative, finance, and other employees for similar entrepreneurial bases. Their job is to serve every independent game designer well and help them solve a series of problems other than game development.”

“At the same time, we can guide their work to a certain extent. For example, we can simply teach them how to come up with a development plan, contact artists, make financial statements, and so on.”

“Game designers can also get to know and communicate with each other.”

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“An incubation base like this would cost at least two to three hundred thousand yuan a month with daily utilities, employee salary, rent, and so on. The specific expenses would depend on the number of work desks, location, and so on.”

Pei Qian frowned. “Two to three hundred thousand yuan? That doesn’t fit the Tengda spirit at all!”

“Did you only calculate the rent of the work desk, the basic company of the employees, and the utilities?”

“You probably didn’t include the office computers and employee benefits. It’s not too much to give an independent game developer some basic income to maintain their daily lives, right?”

“The incubation base is a good initiative. Do it!”

“We’ll continue with the Destitution Plan. We’ll support those companies as much as we can. As for the incubation base, I’ll give you extra money to spend!”

Pei Qian was elated. Qiu Hong was indeed outstanding. He had thought of a new way to spend money so quickly!