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Not wanting to keep them waiting, as I answered with a 'Yes', Karuizawa immediately took action.

"Then it's decided. Where are the two of you headed from now?".

Easily having confirmed the date, Karuizawa begins forcefully pulling us along as she begins to proceed forward. Towards that, Satou seemed to be somewhat calm, giving off a relaxed feeling.

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Could it be Satou was also nervous, and was anxious about being alone with just the two of us. Let's hope that this event that suddenly popped up will bear fruit.

"Umm you see, Ayanokouji-kun and I were planning on watching a movie from now".

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Satou told them the contents of our date while using her phone and having a preparatory meeting with Karuizawa.

"The movie that starts screening today? If so, we're really lucky. We were also planning on going to see it. Uwa, on top of that even the screening time is the same. Amazing, amazing!".

Towards this coincidence, the two of them looked excited.

However Satou's expression seems slightly rigid or rather awkward.

"What a coincidence right, Ayanokouji-kun?".

"Seems to be".

To be seeing the same movie at the same time also seemed to have come as a surprise to Hirata. Even though it is the first day of screening, to brilliantly overlap to this extent truly is lucky.

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"Even if we're going to be seeing it together, since it's a movie, what do we do about the seats? We can't change them can we?".

I asked the two of them where their seats were going to be. Let's see whether coincidences continue to pile up or not. Karuizawa checks her phone to confirm.

"How is it, Karuizawa-san?".

Satou peeks at Karuizawa's phone and checked their seating positions.

"Our seats are separate, huh. Well, I guess that can't be helped---".