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It is extremely difficult to aim and hit, but if it hits, it is a deadly blow.

「Fumu, it ended as I expected…」

Leia-sensei confirmed that Ria-san was completely unconscious and,

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「Ria-Vesteria unable to continue! So, Allen-Rodore wins!」

She announced the result of the duel.


Finally released from the tension, I exhaled deeply.

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…She was a tough opponent.

However, it was a really good experience to fight against an opponent who made full use of soul dress.

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「As expected, you are strong, Allen. You definitely have my acknowledgement.」

Leia-sensei was nodding with self-pride, 「As expected of me」to find an excellent student.


I don’t know where and when she acknowledged me… but being praised does feel nice.

「More so than that… I have to take Ria-san to the infirmary soon.」

As I approached Ria-san who was fallen in a dead tired state, Leia-sensei shook her head.

「Un? Ah, this one is unusually strong, so we can leave her as is. Give her about 2 or 3 minutes and she’ll regain consciousness.」

「Oh, is that so…?」

No, but no matter how strong the body is… Isn’t it bad to simply leave a fainted person alone.