What online write novels to make money

What online write novels to make money

There was even worse news: this could just be the beginning.

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Ocean Stronghold was not the same as Ghost General; both of these games were vastly different!

Ghost General was only popular among the people who played mobile games. What’s more, because it was priced so low, the most people could spend was thirty yuan on the permanent card. That was why the income did not last long.

Ocean Stronghold was different.

As a successful FPS game, Ocean Stronghold now attracts the largest group of gamers: those on game clients!

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What’s more, it was free-of-charge and extremely easy to share with others.

The in-game price of the Red Kilin was also extremely high. Although not many players bought the weapon—as long as one person bought it, it would match the amount of money spent by 88 ordinary players of Ghost General.

The income that Ocean Stronghold would generate would probably only increase.

Pei Qian had thought about updating Ghost General and Ocean Stronghold and then spending a load of money to buy a bunch of art resources for the games. This would allow him to get rid of more money.

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However, if he updated the games, he needed to introduce new paywalls as well. That was the System’s rules.

Furthermore, in the week before settling the accounts, there could not be any unannounced products. Otherwise, the settlement date would be postponed.

Thus, if he wanted to update the games or do anything similar, he had to wait until the following week.

The System permitted other types of expenses such as for celebrations or bonuses. However, there was a limit. He could only spend a reasonable amount on these things!

In other words, was it possible to achieve a loss within two days?

It’ll be extremely difficult!

Still, Pei Qian did not lose all hope.

He had already thought about it before. Now, he only had two choices: