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What is reliable online make money software

He had thought Lin Chang would not notice a minor account like Hardcore Reviews since he was such a busy person.

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Pei Qian was going to inform Lin Chang about the videos after filming all twenty episodes. He had not expected Lin Chang to find out about him so early on. Ever since he started updating Hardcore Reviews’ videos last month, he had uploaded a total of eleven episodes. He was about halfway through his initial goal of twenty. Pei Qian had planned to play around with and upload twenty episodes for fun. Then, he would be able to relax and spend the two hundred thousand yuan.

However, the results were much better than he expected. Hardcore Reviews gained many fans, and there were now more than six hundred thousand viewers.

The first three cell phone reviews were especially popular. Fans of all three cell phones kept fighting in the comments. Until now, the videos were still gaining popularity.

Of course, even an account with six hundred thousand fans was considered average on Aili Island. One could say that it only had a little fame in the system.

Naturally, Pei Qian did not expect Lin Chang to notice his videos. Could it be that Boss Lin normally browsed Aili Island when he had nothing to do as well? If other people had seen Hardcore Reviews, perhaps they would not have recognized Boss?Pei.

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On one hand, Pei Qian did not show his face. He also slightly altered his voice. On the other hand, other people would not have expected the rich Boss Pei to shoot videos for fun.

Yet, Lin Chang was different.

He had funded this program. He also knew that Boss Pei was running a test on performance art. Looking at the video, he would probably be able to guess that the host was Boss Pei just from his figure and voice.

There was no need for Pei Qian to hide the facts either. From the beginning, he had produced the videos for Lin Chang to see. Thus, he readily admitted it.

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“It’s me.”

[1] This means Deep-Fried Pig Trotters in Mandarin.

Translator: your_pingas

(Ugh, …Kousei is still just as serious when it comes to me…)