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Hasebe Haruka, a classmate and close friend, spoke to Yukimura.

Sakura Airi and Miyake Akito sat around her.

“I’m calm… don’t worry.”Yukimura answered. Although he stopped shaking his leg temporarily, it didn’t take long for him to tense up again. He quietly shook his leg up and down, and it rustled his trousers..

Yukimura was planning to talk to Ayanokouji after school, but he gave up temporarily because of Horikita’s appearance. Then he heard from her that Chabashira had called him away and he had gone off somewhere, so he resorted to waiting in the classroom for him to return. Hasebe sighed, somewhat helplessly, and looked out the window.

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Knowing full well that Yukimura didn’t normally shake his leg, she quickly realized that there was no point in trying to calm him down anymore. The atmosphere in the 2nd year Class D’s classroom was heavy.

The May sky that ushered in the spring was so azure and clear, so beautiful, Hasebe thought to herself.

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Then, she thought about it all over again. How had the situation become like this?

The first and second years had paired up for the special exam in April.

In the fifth subject test of that exam,, their friend Ayanokouji Kiyotaka achieved a perfect score in math.

If it were a normal test, it wouldn’t be surprising to see students get a perfect score.

With the academically strong Yukimura in the lead, students who got a perfect score would appear every now and then. Of course, occasionally an unexpected hidden student would get a perfect score. These people either studied really hard before the exams, or they got lucky with how much the exam covered.

But this exam was like a world away from the previous one.

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Of course, even though she wasn’t as strong as Yukimura, Hasebe had still vaguely noticed it.

In this special exam, regardless of the subject, the only one in the class that had achieved a perfect score was Ayanokouji himself.

It couldn’t be explained by cramming beforehand or by chance.