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“…Hmm, okay, but Amano-kun is still very hard as a whole.”

“Rigor mortis!? Hey, that’s rigor mortis, right!?”

“…Hiya, Chiaki-san, what should I do? How did this happen…?”

“Y-You finally regained your senses, Karen-san! Well, let’s call the ambulance first-“

“I already don’t know where I should start eating Amano-kun first!”

“You’re eating him! Y-You’re horrible!”

“It can’t be helped. I won’t make it to class at this rate. I’ll just leave Amano-kun here first.”

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“Y-You can’t do that to Keita! You’re insane!”

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“So, Chiaki-san, …I’m going to the classroom now. Please wait…”

“Eek!? NO! How can you do that!? You can’t do that! When did I fall into a scary and bloody world like this!? Is this the punishment of my vile imagination of Valentine’s Day despite being a lonely gaming otaku!? Is this the case!?”

“Hmm? …I’m sorry, Chiaki-san. I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“That’s totally my line, alright!?”

Chiaki-san suddenly started crying on the other side of the phone for some reason. I freaked out as I wrapped the chocolate Amano-kun again. After packing up my things, I came to the corridor.

I realized Chiaki-san misunderstood something when I’m dashing toward the classroom as I’m talking to her. She finally calmed down after I explained everything again. Then, she suggested to me warmly.

“Hmm, even though I can understand how Karen=san feels, …I feel like it’s best for you to not destroy that chocolate.”

“Yes, Chiaki-san, you calculated this, right. I can’t believe you’re trying to lower Amano-kun’s affection towards me…”

“N-No, no, I’m not thinking about that at all! Yes!”