How to make money online fish machine platform?

How to make money online fish machine platform?

Ruan Guangjian: “Why?!”

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Pei Qian: “Why? There’s no why! Our game’s pricing strategy is to have a single fixed price. The players would have already spent 10 yuan just to purchase our game, how could we implement even more in-game purchases?”

“In fact, my original plan was to not even have that 30 yuan permanent membership card! However, I decided to add it eventually based on the needs of certain groups of players.”

Ruan Guangjian was thoroughly stumped and did not know what to reply for the longest time.

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Boss Pei was so compassionate!

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The paywall of Qute Three Kingdoms was around 1,000 yuan and only paying whales could obtain the extremely rare cards. As for normal gamers, they had to slog for a long time before they could even get a single purple card.

However, everyone was almost equal in Ghost General! The only difference was a mere 30 yuan permanent membership card!

If this was Qute Three Kingdoms, that amount of money would not even be enough for a single 10 draw!

Ruan Guangjian suddenly felt that he had gauged Pei Qian’s gentlemanly heart with his own mean measure.

He thought that the reason why there was no paywall was because the game was incomplete or due to other reasons.

However, it was only after asking that he realized – Pei Qian had not intended to create a paywall at all! he wanted to make this an extremely fair mobile card game!

He wanted the normal players to be able to enjoy the pleasure of drawing rare cards as well!