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And a few moments later they passed into the parlor to take coffee.

This toast had caused Mme. Favoral no little uneasiness. But shefound it impossible to ask a single question; Mme. de Thallerdragging her almost by force to a seat by her side on the sofa,pretending that two women always have secrets to exchange, even whenthey see each other for the first time.

The young baroness was fully an fait in matters of bonnets anddresses; and it was with giddy volubility that she asked Mme.

Favoral the names of her milliner and her dressmaker, and to whatjeweler she intrusted her diamonds to be reset.

This looked so much like a joke, that the poor housekeeper of theRue St. Gilles could not help smiling whilst answering that she hadno dressmaker, and that, having no diamonds, she had no possibleuse for the services of a jeweler.

The other declared she could not get over it. No diamonds! Thatwas a misfortune exceeding all. And quick she seized the opportunitycharitably to enumerate the parures in her jewel-case, and laces inher drawers, and the dresses in her wardrobes, In the first place, itwould have been impossible for her, she swore, to live with a husbandeither miserly or poor. Hers had just presented her with a lovelycoupe, lined with yellow satin, a perfect bijon. And she made gooduse of it too; for she loved to go about. She spent her daysshopping, or riding in the Bois. Every evening she had the choiceof the theatre or a ball, often both. The genre theatres were thoseshe preferred. To be sure, the opera and the Italians were morestylish; but she could not help gaping there.

Then she wished to kiss the children; and Gilberte and Maxence hadto be brought in. She adored children, she vowed: it was herweakness, her passion. She had herself a little girl, eighteenmonths old, called Cesarine, to whom she was devoted; and certainlyshe would have brought her, had she not feared she would have beenin the way.

All this verbiage sounded like a confused murmur to Mme. Favoral'sears. "Yes, no," she answered, hardly knowing to what she did answer.

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Her head heavy with a vague apprehension, it required her utmostattention to observe her husband and his guests.

Standing by the mantel-piece, smoking their cigars, they conversedwith considerable animation, but not loud enough to enable her tohear all they said. It was only when M. Saint Pavin spoke that sheunderstood that they were still discussing the "business;" for hespoke of articles to publish, stocks to sell, dividends to distribute,sure profits to reap.

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They all, at any rate, seemed to agree perfectly; and at a certainmoment she saw her husband and M. de Thaller strike each other'shand, as people do who exchange a pledge.

Eleven o'clock struck.