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“Yes. We just went there, a little while ago. They did such incredibly stupid things, that we could not just believe all these”

“Yup. It seems that they do not intend to work on the exam seriously. The remaining 5 days. It is clearly visible that they will run sort of their points, before the exam is over. I do not think they can change the situation, even if they are switching into saving mode, immediately. They do not even looking for a spot. I wonder if they find it difficult to understand the purpose of this exam even for a little?”

Ichinose, too, did not seem able to derive the right answer, either.

“Sly tricks cannot help you in this exam. Ryuuen will certainly exhaust all the points. Although it may be fun for now, later he will absolutely regret it”

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Horikita talked to Ichinose daringly, but she did not talk about the succession plan that I told her about. But it seemed to me that Ichinose would find out about it sooner or later.

“I am sorry to interrupt you. Ichinose, do you know where Nakanishi is?”

In the middle of the conversation, a male student appeared and asked with modesty.

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“Could Nakanishi have gone to the shore at this time? What for?”

“He went there to offer some help. He should not have? Was it unnecessary?”

“No, that’s not it. Kaneda is really nice and always helpful. Well, then can you follow up Chihiro and bring them back? I will be alright as long as you tell them that I said that”

“Understood. Thank you very much”

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Horikita looked curiously over this short exchange.

“It seems he is quite formal, when talking to his classmates”

“Ah, he..”

“Is he C class student, or..?”