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"So it's something that piles up like this".

The power of nature truly is amazing. Snow was still falling heavily from the sky but according to the forecast, around 7 o'clock it is due to stop falling, so it should stop soon.

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Perhaps because the coldness was highlighted visually, but even though the temperature was not that different from yesterday, strangely I felt chilled.

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I should consider using gloves and mufflers already. Of course, prior to 7 o'clock during the winter vacation, most of the students were still sleeping in.

"It's cold".

On the bench near Keyaki Mall, naturally there was no sign of anyone. After wiping the snow off the bench, I sat down there. Around the time the snow stopped falling, that man appeared.

"Don't go around calling someone out this early in the morning".

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The one who spat that out was the leader of Class C, Ryuuen Kakeru. No, former leader. And with a sharp glint in his eyes, he glared at me.

"I wouldn't be able to call you out here if it wasn't a time like this with no one around".

"That's for your convenience. That has nothing to do with me".

It was understandable that Ryuuen would curse like that. Certainly, the one who would be inconvenienced by someone witnessing is meeting, is if I had to say, me. A variety of rumors.....or even if not, there's no avoiding a troublesome rumor spreading around.

"So? What business do you have with me?".

"I was thinking we could gossip. If I said that what would you do?".

"Hah. That's a funny joke for this shitty, sleepy morning".