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The only thing he could do was to look through everything quickly and roughly.

He wanted to check if Huang Sibo had fulfilled his three demands!

As though Huang Sibo knew what Pei Qian wanted, he had even outlined those portions specifically so that Pei Qian could find them with ease.

First, story mode. Yes, it was present and there were around four hours of it planned – that was long.

Second, lowered difficulty level. Yes, it was present too.

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Third, epic weapons. They had followed Pei Qian’s fixed price demands of 888 for permanent use.

“Not bad! They’ve fulfilled my demands!”

Pei Qian was delighted.

He replied immediately, “Not bad. Let’s continue in this direction.”

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Chang You reluctantly repeated it again at the warm request of everyone. “A really good brand, a really good cell phone...”

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This time, the audiences below instantly gave a round of warm applause and cheers when Chang You spoke. There were a few shrill whistles.

“You’re really something!” “Alright!” “Another one!”