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Lin Canrong nodded his head violently and replied, “Yes, Boss Pei. I understand!

“I will research the relevant knowledge when I get home and organize systematic training for our attendants. They will then be able to serve all sorts of cuisines—including Chinese, western, and Japanese cuisines—without making a single mistake. We will aim to achieve perfection from the environment and service to the specific ways to enjoy the food!”


Pei Qian was momentarily speechless.

He did not plan on being so stringent at the beginning. After all, the food was for his own employees. Why was there a need to make things so perfect?

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In the end, Lin Canrong misunderstood him. Pei Qian could not correct him as that might make things awkward.

Lin Canrong thought of another problem. “Boss Pei, what is the name of our restaurant?”

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Pei Qian was solemn for a while before he asked in return, “Must we have a name?”

Lin Canrong was baffled. “…”

Why did he ask that question? Of course, there must be a name!

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Otherwise, how could the conversation go on when other customers wanted to recommend us to their friends?

“Ay, I went to a restaurant with really good food the other day!”

“Really? What is it called?”

“It doesn’t have a name!”

That seemed a little absurd.