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“I’m not interested. I don’t know how to play IOI, why should we watch it?”

“I checked on my cell phone in the morning. The difference between the teams is too big. Apart from the two or three strong teams, the rest are all rookies. There’s no suspense. Moreover, the contestants are basically strangers. The competition is not exciting at all.”

“It’s more interesting to watch the DGE battle. Huang Wang vs Jiang Huan. I wonder how the two teams are doing after not competing for so long.”

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“If there’s a chance, I should go to Jingzhou to take a look. It should be more exciting.”

“Indeed, it is still better to watch the competition with a group of people. It’s already so lively at the entrance of the internet cafe. How exciting would it be if we were to watch it at the venue itself? When I have the chance, I’ll definitely go to Jingzhou for a few days. I’ll gank the professional gamers and take pictures with them at the entrance of the club. After that, I’ll go to the original GOG hero phone booth and check in. Finally, I’ll watch a few GOG competitions. Perfect!”

Many shopping malls in Shanghai also had shared phone booths for GOG’s heroes. However, the only flaw was that the concept art heroes were not hand-drawn.

Therefore, most players still felt that the hand-drawn heroes in Jingzhou were the original.

From the conversation between these young people, it could be seen that both the shared phone booth and Fish-Catching Internet Cafe 3.0 played an objective role in accelerating the spread of GOG’s culture.

Many people had not been very interested in GPL competitions. However, as long as they watched the competition with their friends in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe 3.0 and experienced the excitement of watching the competition live, they would naturally want to go to Jingzhou and buy tickets to experience GPL.

Pei Qian walked around and left quietly.

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He had wanted to leave Jingzhou and come to Shanghai to relax and watch the competition. He had not expected to be attacked suddenly!

That was unbearable.

When he reached the top floor, Pei Qian followed the crowd and the directions on the way to the IOI competition venue. He found a seat and sat down.

In the morning, Pei Qian had already watched the live-stream of the IOI Qualification Competition. He was already mentally prepared for what the venue would look like. However, he still felt that it was a little small when he arrived at the venue.

The GPL’s venue was 12 meters tall with an area of 4,500 square meters. It could accommodate 1,800 people at full capacity. It was exactly three times the size of this venue.