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“Why did you leave your data down, …Jiraiya?”

He said that only the latest data will be saved. However, in other words, this means that he can’t correct his terrible start if he wants to maintain the ghost. Honestly, I don’t feel like taking this seriously at all.

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As for him, his ghost data quickly passed over me, and it’s about to disappear from sight. So, I stepped on the gas and accelerated to chase after him.

“…N-No, be more serious, Ayumu! Weak! Jiraiya’s weak!”

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I’ve noticed this since the start. Jiraiya’s surprisingly bad at this. N-No, it’s not like he doesn’t understand the basic controls. Instead-

“Why are you attacking right before turning a corner!? The character’s too heavy to even pull it off! …Tck, also, why are you using dash items!? You’ll crash straight into the wall!”

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I completely slowed down and began observing his ghost.

I mean, …I’m really pissed right now. Unlike an inexperienced player making adorable mistakes, he’ll try his best to win, but it just doesn’t work for him. Hell, it even makes things worse.

“I want to know, …even though this ghost only exists in the game, for some reason, I feel like I can see another person in the room saying, ‘Oh, I see how this works.’”

After that, I observed his ghost from behind. Since this is the first course, the turns are slow, elegant, and simple. …However, he still managed to miss all of his drifts and shortcuts.

The match ended. Then, I sighed and mumbled after returning to the selection screen.

“Yep, …change of plan. Instead of racing with his ghost, I should just observe his recording. Let’s move on to the next track.”

With that, I selected the second course. It’s also a normal and simple track.