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How to make money on the road online

It seems she's seen through my idea. That saves me the trouble.

"Next person please". It was already afternoon when I heard that small voice come from inside the temporarily set up facility.

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"I've kept you waiting". In the end it seemed each group took around 15 minutes each and I ended up having to stand in the queue for quite a long time. It was around when I had started to no longer care about the fortune-teller inside, that the voice from the room behind the curtain where the fortune-teller was.

And when I entered, inside was a scenery I would often see on the television. The dark lighting inside was only about 30 lux. And added to that, there was a thick book, a hammer and a crystal ball that could also be used to throw whose purpose I didn't know.

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The old fortune-teller woman inside had a hood on her and as such I couldn't see her expression. The atmosphere of this place alone is first-grade. It seems the crystal ball is shining even now as though it is reflecting Ibuki's and my future. And before the fortune-teller, there were two round seats with no backrests placed. I suppose that's where we are supposed to sit. And when the two of us sat down, the fortune-teller simply laughed briefly and her right hand moved.

"First of all, pay up" the fortune-teller told us.

And having said that, she pulls out a card reader from beneath and table and places it on the table in front of us. From the breathtaking atmosphere that almost gave off the feeling of a fortune-telling museum, artifacts of modern civilization appearing like that and gave off an incongruous feeling.

Of course, I didn't think it would be free of charge, but I was still suddenly pulled back to reality.

"What are you going to divine for us?". Before she took out her student card, Ibuki first asked that question.

"Your studies, work, love affairs and anything you like" the fortune-teller replied while laughing creepily with a grin. It certainly gave off a powerful feeling to the surrounding area, but more than a fortune-teller it looked to me as though she were a witch.

But the price list placed on the table really is a mismatch.

It seems the prices are separated into different categories. The things the fortune-teller said just now seems to be included in the "basic plan". And in there, it is divided further into more sets. And one of them also includes Tenchuusatsu. And among others there are courses that would let you see up to the very end of your lifespan. And since the fortune-telling has a pair requirement, there are also many courses that focus on romance.

This is just my spontaneous thought, but if the fortune-telling divines a bad compatibility between partners, I wonder what those partners would do then. It's just that for any course, over 5000 points are required. It's rather expensive.