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「W-What are you doing all of a sudden…!?」

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「You unsightly trash… Don’t get close to Ria-sama…!」

The pompous swordsman, scowled in anger.


「C-Claude!? Why are you here!?」

「Ohー, it’s been a while, Claude!」

Ria and sensei called out to the mysterious swordsman, Claude.

Sharp eyes with long slits, which were scowling at me for some reason.

Slightly long glossy black hair.

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White noble clothing.

The age is probably around 15 years old.

Height is slightly shorter than me, about 165 cm.

「Uh… Ria, I would appreciate it if you could introduce me?」

「Ah, sorry. This child is Claude-Stroganoff. The Captain of the Elite Knights of Vesteria. Who should be busy with work over there, but is here somehow…」