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“The significance of simplifying operations and weakening in-battle strategies was that players could have more time to think and prepare for pre-battle strategies.

“This should be the point that Boss Pei wants to express.”

Huang Sibo nodded down hurriedly. “Makes sense!

“Only a balanced RTS game has to have operations. Why do you need operations for an unbalanced RTS? The players would be able to take the time to do more preparation for strategy.


“In the traditional RTS games with their ‘consolidation-build-combat’ mode, battle accounts for at least 60%!o(MISSING)f the fun. If you are to take away the combat experience, I’m afraid it will be a huge weakening of the game experience.”

Bao Xu thought for a while and said, “So the collection and construction system should be made more complex so that players can spend most of their time and energy on these two links.

“Especially the pre-war strategy, every player must think carefully before making every choice.”

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Li Yada agreed deeply. “Yes, it’s like elimination games. The original elimination games were all about speed and time! However, later elimination games have become unlimited, which require elimination points.

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“The latter required more thinking, which was more fun and more in-line with current game habits of players.

“Obviously, Boss Pei did not want to simply copy the success of ‘Starcraft’ but explore a new RTS game model!

“It is still a real-time strategy game, but players who do not operate well can also experience the fun of the game.”

Lin Wan raised her hand and said, “I have something to add. Every soldier of the human race has their own way of thinking. They might not fall apart or disobey orders, but they may take the initiative to send themselves on a death mission, fight the Zergs, and emerge victorious, right?

“As for how exactly those humans would act, it’s obviously closely connected to their strategizing process before the battle.

“For example, the commander might take a certain course of action to affect the soldiers’ boldness and way of thinking. Then, the soldiers’ initial individualism might slowly dissipate and be replaced with unity.”

Huang Sibo nodded. “Yes, that’s definitely a good idea as well.”

Everyone began to take their own notes. At this point in their discussion, everyone could see the silhouette of the new game.

This game would be completely different from traditional RTS games. The emphasis would be on the strategy before battle and not during battle, which would make the game more realistic.

What’s more, additional focus would be placed on the storyline, so that the movie would have more weightage than the game.