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Make money online selling agricultural products

However, documentaries were completely different.

Huang Sibo and the others had used very high-tech filming equipment and had run around Jingzhou, Shanghai, and Li Zhengwei’s hometown to shoot the documentary. Pei Qian had also required them to spend on their food and accommodation as per Tengda’s standards; they naturally had spent money like water.

For documentaries such as these, they were normally produced by the official sites to publicize and promote games or competitions. No matter how much money went into the documentaries, the sites could make this money back.

However, Huang Sibo and the others had done this documentary purely as a form of public service to the public interest; it was quite normal they wouldn’t be able to make back the money they had used.

Huang Sibo knew that this time, Lu Mingliang had led the development of the new editions of the current games; and the downloadable contents had all achieved great success. Lu Mingliang had probably already superseded him in the position as chief planner.

Fei Huang Workspace hadn’t made the slightest contribution this time. At gatherings like this, he more or less felt a little abashed.

Pei Qian smiled. “You guys are feeling bad because of this?”

Huang Sibo was a little shocked, “Boss Pei…”

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Pei Qian raised his glass as he swirled it. His tone became rather indifferent, “Hadn’t I said long ago? Do not be calculative and focused on short-term profits and losses; do not care so much about money.

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“Didn’t the short videos also start as something you guys did out of love without looking forward to gaining? Although you guys rejected low-class sponsored partnerships, you guys didn’t starve. In the end, you all managed to find a best-of-both-worlds way to make money, right?

“To me, the focus isn’t on if we can make money, but on whether we are doing something meaningful or not.

“Weren’t you guys already mentally prepared that you would make a loss when you all decided to do a documentary?

“You got the desired end-product you guys wanted; what’s there to be bitter about?”

Huang Sibo felt a little warmth in him, “Boss Pei, thank you…”

The two of them couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. If these words had come from someone else, they might have thought that the words were rather fake. However, when it came from Boss Pei, it felt so earnest and real!

Perhaps this was what distinguished Boss Pei from other bosses. He really had a heart bigger than ordinary people and great foresight and wide horizons!