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“You’re still just as refreshingly awful!”

Main-san urged me. I dragged my feet to enter my room. After Main-san closed the door forcefully, I sighed and walked to the table. Then, I hung my school bag and leaned on the table. “So?” I turned back and asked.

“Seriously, why the hell are you here…?”

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“Hey, hey, Amako. You’re saying that like I just barged into your house.”

“I didn’t actually invite you, right!?”

“But no one says anything when the hero is literally stealing from the villagers’ home.”

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“You’ll be punished in real life! Don’t you have common sense!?”

“Ha, you’re saying that like I’m a criminal.”

“Yeah, this is already a crime, after all!”

I screamed angrily at the woman that intruded my house. However, Main-san just walked next to my bed and chuckled as usual. She jumped onto it and laid down.

“Phew, …other people’s beds are really hygienically disgusting..”

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Barging into someone’s room and talking trash about the guy’s bed. She’s already a burglar.

After I showed disappointment, Main-san changed her pose on the bed. She put her elbows on the pillow and looked at me. Her legs are crossed like a photo idol. Also, her skirt is really short today. Honestly, I’m not sure where I should look. So, I can’t help but look at the snowy scenery outside. …I even prepared myself to be teased due to that virgin reaction. Unexpectedly, Main-san didn’t attack me for that. Instead, she went right into the topic.

“Hey, Amako. I heard you’re…giving an ending to your love on White Day?”