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"That's a good analysis".

It's not like I'm doing all this because I want to either.

"I never had any intention of doing anything in the first place but since a reason came up, I had no choice but to lend Class D a hand".

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This is something I'd normally never speak of but today's special.

I feel good.

"I feel like it's somehow a waste though".

"I have no intention of doing anything up front. I never have and don't intend on ever doing so either".

This alone is something I need to emphasize to Karuizawa.

If Class D encounters a problem in the future, it would be problematic if she ends up depending on me.

"It's you, isn't it? The one whose blood Ryuuen is out for".

Not just Sudou and Akito, the surveillance is intensifying each day and those rumors have long since gone beyond just Class D. That Ryuuen got defeated by someone from Class D and is now out for revenge.

The number of students talking about it has gone up.

Karuizawa probably didn't need any time to realize it's me.

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"The main reason I called you today, Karuizawa, is to apologize to you".


"Since before I had my own reasons I was helping D Class climb to the top. But that reason has just disappeared".

"So are you just going to lay low now?".

"Yeah, I'm going to leave it to Horikita and Hirata to carry the class. I don't want to get involved with Ryuuen and get exposed. You were a great help to me at the karaoke and a lot of other things. I've caused you a lot of trouble".