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“What do you mean free? Didn’t they charge 888 yuan for an epic weapon? Whales spend money and commoners benefit from it.”

“You might not believe it even if I were to say it out loud. At the moment, the most conscientious FPS game in the country is Ocean Stronghold that sells the 888 yuan Red Kilins. That’s ridiculous.”

“I feel like Tengda is really playing a huge game of chess. The downloadable content of so many games is all to promote the new game. This new game must be very impressive! Could it be that they invested hundreds of millions on it?”

“Probably not a few hundred million, but the scale is definitely not small from the looks of it. Can any big boss guess what type of game this is?”

“That’s hard to say. From the theme, it must be a sci-fi, a war theme between humans and Zergs. Logically speaking, FPS games should be the most likely. However, Ocean Stronghold’s downloadable content is already FPS. Wouldn’t it be a little repetitive if it were to be made again? It’s quite hard to guess.”

“I also think that FPS games are the most likely. The other genres are getting rather cold. I don’t think it’s possible to make them, right?”

“I don’t really understand this plot. Did Qin Yi die in the end? Did the decapitation strike succeed? It might look like it succeeded but what does the story want to express if it really succeeded? Something’s not right.”

“I think it might not have succeeded. There will definitely be a follow-up plot. Just wait patiently.”

Many gamers made use of Ocean Stronghold’s plot to brainstorm and try their best to find clues left behind by the designer. They also tried to guess the direction of Tengda’s new game story.

However, these speculations were not convincing to the players and contradicted the designers’ intentions.

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However, everyone continued to guess tirelessly. After all, the process itself was quite interesting.

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Suddenly, Qiao Liang saw a post. His eyes lit up. “Holy sh*t! I realized that the AEEIS on Otto’s cell phone has a special function. It can actually be a match to the lines in the game!”

Qiao Liang was a little surprised. He clicked on the content of the post and realized that the original poster was using Otto Technologies and said a line from Qin Yi in the game to AEEIS on a whim. AEEIS immediately followed up and perfectly replayed the conversation in the game unexpectedly!

There were many replies below. Many gamers who used OTTO cell phones discovered this function as well. Some even said that the AEEIS Fully-Automated Smart Bickering Machine had the same effect, and the effect was better.

“Eh? That’s right. AEEIS seems to be part of Boss Pei’s plan!”

“Wait, what is the AEEIS Fully-Automated Smart Bickering Machine?”

Qiao Liang also owned an Otto E1 cell phone and had just updated the new system. He did use AEEIS, but because he did not have the habit of using voice assistants and had not taken the time to experience it.